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Rav Eliyashiv

Rav Elyashiv Shlita, world-renowned Torah Leader, summoned a delegation of experts in Halacha and agriculture to inspect the Etrogim orchards in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

The delegation consisted of:

  • Dayan A.D Dunner from London Kedassia Beth Din, an international expert in specific Halacha issues.
  • Dayan Y. Gukovitzky, an experienced Rav hamacshir in London.
  • Prof E. Goldschmidt Ph.D. Horticulturist, specialist in citrus fruit studies, Hebrew University, Rehovot Israel.
  • Rabbi Y. Levy, director "Lulav and Etrog" Centre S.A. Objectives of the inspection:

As part of our ongoing efforts to identify genuine Etrogim "Bilty Murkavim" (not grafted), the delegation was advised to inspect the above orchards.

The delegation conducted a thorough inspection and investigation in the fields and gathered information from experts and senior Rabbis also in the country.

The delegations findings were:

All Etrogim were found growing in a natural healthy way. None of the trees suffered from "Malseko," a famous disease affecting other Etrogim, which requires grafting with other citrus.

Testimony from local agricultural experts & authorities was accepted, that no grafting was practiced in these orchards. Etrogim continue to grow in this area in the same tradition as they have for many decades.

No signs of grafting were evident anywhere in the vicinity. This includes the nurseries, as well as the 60-year-old trees.

Senior local Rabbis also added that great Rabbi's world-wide, including the Brisker Rav Z.T.L used these Etrogim.

This report was adopted by Rav Elyashiv Shlita, who endorsed the Kashrut of Moroccan Etrogim.