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Lulav & Etrog

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Extra Mehudar Plus Lulav and Etrog Set


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Deluxe Sukkah

Get the finest quality arba minim with the best hechsherim


At Sukkahmart's Lulav & Etrog Centre we source and distribute the Arbah Minim (four species) required for you to fullfill the precious mitzvah of Lulav & Etrog.

  • Excellent quality sets
  • Buy ready made sets or select your own set of the Four Species/Arbah Minim
  • Non Murkavim (grafted) Etrogim

Our Etrogim are pre-selected from:

Israel (Badatz),

Italy (Calabrian), and

See Waving your Lulav & Etrog set to learn how to perform this mitzvah.

List of Endorsements and Hechsherim

° Rav Elyashiv on Moroccan Etrogim
° Office of the Chief Rabbi of South Africa
° OU Beis Din Mehadrin of Eretz Yisroel
° Elwood Talmud Torah Congregation Australia

Selecting your Lulav & Etrog

The Lulav:
The lulav should be straight & fresh looking. The main criteria for a kosher lulav is to check that the middle leaf is not split. This is quite tricky to check but rest assured at Sukkahmart's Lulav & Etrog centre it has already been checked for you. Mind the thorns!

The Etrog:
Cleanliness and symmetry of shape are the primary factors when choosing your Etrog but watch out you don't want any black spots on it. The colour quality of the fruit and bumps on it are optional in making it more special. Did you know that all citrus fruits grow with a Pitom but in most cases it falls off? With an Etrog too if the Pitom has fallen while the Etrog is still on the tree it's still kosher to use. This can be easily ascertained by an experienced eye.

The Haddasim & Aravot:
These are pre-packed for extra freshness & should be kept in their packaging in the fridge until Erev Yom Tov (Eve of the 1st day of Sukkot). Just place them in their holder on the lulav before Yom Tov and remember that the Hadassim (Myrtle twigs) go on the right of the Lulav spine & the Aravot (Willow branches) go on the left.